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Hello my name is Rebecca Drew and I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & NLP  treatments and I am based in Cranleigh Surrey

I help people, just like you, to make changes and regain control of their lives using Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ).

I can help you to develop an “inner peace of mind” so that you can enjoy a calmer, happier more empowered you. Hypnotherapy can be an extremely useful tool where other approaches may have failed or provided limited relief and this is because Hypnotherapy focuses on helping you to identify and then utilise your own internal resources for problem solving.

Hypnotherapy is used to access the powerful unconscious mind and in doing so, can help a person to make positive changes.

Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy

 I  can help you with a wide range of problems in a completely natural, drug-free way. Unlike many prescribed drugs there are no known side-effects from Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy so you can be assured that it is 100% safe.

About Hypnotherapy in Guildford

My name is Rebecca Drew Here and I offer Hypnotherapy to help people cope more effectively with whatever is holding them back in life.

You can read more about me here.

My practice address is:

Guildford Hypnosis Clinic

Cranleigh Leisure Centre



See my practice location page here.

Initial Consultaton – FREE to arrange please call  01483 220603  

Single Session  £70.00

3 Sessions       £180.00

6 Sessions       £300.00

Each Session lasts between 60 mins and 75 mins

Weight Management Package

4 Sessions – £200.00

Each Session lasts between 45 mins and 75 mins

  • Friendly 80%
  • Experienced 90%
  • Effective 95%

Types of Therapy Available

What My Clients Are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

People have always had a fascination with Hypnosis which, of course, has been popularised in both film and the media.

Many people will still remember the old movies in which Dracula used his ‘hypnotic power’ to fix his victims in a trance so he could have his evil way, and many people will have experienced the consummate ‘stage hypnotist’ who can make people do the most ridiculous things in front of thousands of people, but these notions have very little to do with the modern application of Hypnosis in a therapeutic application.

What type of problems do you work with?

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be highly effective for almost any problem where stress is a factor. This is because Hypnosis is so effective at helping a person to relax and relaxation helps to create better perspective.

Go to Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy here.

What hours do you work?

Guildford Hypnosis is open Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.

If you need an appointment outside of our normal working hours, please get in touch as we can normally accommodate you.

View Hypnotherapy Clinic Opening Times here.

How much do you charge?

Initial Intake Consultation – £75 (60 – 90 minutes)
Individual Therapy Session(s) – £65 (60 minutes)

Please see our Fees page for more details.

Contact guildford hypnosis

I offer a FREE initial consultation if you'd like to come along and have a chat with me about Hypnotherapy and how it may help you.

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Guildford Hypnosis Clinic 

Cranleigh Leisure Centre 


GU6 8AF 

Tel: 01483 220 603 

Mob: 07788 249875


All conditions that may be helped using Hypnotic Techniques also require the use of willpower - Hypnotherapy is not magic and can only help you to make changes if you have a strong desire to change and put in a maximum effort.